Our History

Founded in 1943 by brothers Tom and Leif Meberg, Consolidated Carpet quickly built a reputation for quality floor covering installations.

Tom and Leif hired Norwegian immigrants passing through Ellis Island and developed them into hardworking craftsmen to meet the growing demand their business was generating. After growing the company for 30 years, they passed the business on to their sons who were actively involved in company operations. Tom's sons, Tor, Arne and Thomas (Bud), and Leif 's son, Lloyd, continued developing the family business, making it the largest installation workroom in the New York metropolitan marketplace. By the early nineties, the three brothers decided to emulate their father and turn the business over to their sons. In 1994, they expanded into the product sales market and the company has experienced double-digit growth annually. Today, as one of the country's largest full-service flooring and carpet contractors, the company continues to grow and adapt to the changing industry. As a third-generation, family-run business, Consolidated Carpet has provided outstanding service for over 70 years, completing large and complex floor covering projects to our clients' full satisfaction.

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