Company Practices

In addition to assisting clients to select the most sustainable products and dispose of old flooring in an environmentally friendly manner, Consolidated Carpet continually works to improve our internal practices as well.

We have created an internal "green team" to foster associate-driven initiatives throughout Consolidated Carpet to incorporate an environmental perspective into our daily operations. Additionally, we have set a goal to become a "green facility" by reducing waste in our offices and warehouses, minimizing our energy usage and better managing our potable water usage.

Installed in late 2011, the Solar Photovoltaic System at our New Jersey Warehouse is affixed to our new roof. Featuring white thermoplastic (TPO), the roof also aids in the reduction of energy usage by virtue of its high reflectivity which reduces HVAC requirements. It is anticipated that over 90% of the energy used in the facility will be supplied by the renewable energy generated by the solar panels. In the first year alone, emissions reductions will amount to 317,930 kWh, equivalent to 466 barrels of oil or the amount saved by keeping 44 cars off of the road for the year.

To maintain our commitment to become a greener facility, our team will develop metrics to track and measure progress towards sustainability goals as new initiatives are implemented.